David Gilmour and Roger Waters have had a testy relationship during the best times. Their relationship currently is strained beyond belief. With Gilmour holding the central power in Pink Floyd and that band, Roger Waters is on the outside looking in. For years now, they’ve been throwing differing verbal jabs at one another. They got together for a bigger cause than themselves for their performance at Live 8 in 2005. Other than that, it’s been radio silence.

That concert was a shortened performance that showed that the two musicians could come together for a greater cause. In the social media era for Pink Floyd, their official accounts have not made mention of Roger Waters. That all changed recently with Waters’s birthday on September 6th.


One Small Step For Pink’s Kind, And A Shoutout

Pink Floyd

It may seem like a small step, because it is. But when it comes to burying the hatred and anger of years, a simple birthday wish could be all that it takes. It’s wishful thinking to think any thing else can come out of this, but Pink Floyd has and always be a band about the musicians. To put it simply, the world needs Roger Waters and David Gilmour to share the stage. They’re too good separate to not be together in Pink Floyd one last time. In addition to the fan reaction, I’m sure the money for doing it won’t be too bad either.

And for the people out there who might be complaining about making something out of nothing with this story, they also mention the release of Us + Them. That’s a film that has been a cause of some of these issues between the two camps.

Bands like Guns N Roses, The Eagles, and Helloween have all showed that age, time, and sometimes money, makes all old ills go away. I’m guessing that nothing more than some congratulatory social media posts come out of this, but who knows, especially in the year 2020.

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Source: Pink Floyd Instagram