If you are a fan of Groot and Venom, then you are going to love the new Life-Size Venomized Groot statue coming our way from Hot Toys! That’s right it seems our little buddy Groot wasn’t able to escape Venom Symbiote. Here is the official statement from Hot Toys’ Facebook page:

Venomized Groot

Spider-Man: Maximum Venom – Venomized Groot Life-Size Collectible Figure

Our beloved Groot is being taken over by the Venom Symbiote! As an unique and powerful alien life form in the universe, the tiniest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy becomes a perfect target for the terrifying Venom. No one will expect this groovy little sapling’s bark to be just as bad as his bite.

Inspired by Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom series, we are delighted to officially present today the highly-anticipated Venomized Groot Life-Size Collectible Figure, which has already made its first appearance in Hot Toys Summer Showcase earlier.

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I Am Groot

Sophisticatedly crafted based on the iconic appearance of Venomized Groot in the renowned animation series, the Life-Size figure stands approximately 25cm tall features a venomous version of Groot with beautifully applied paint applications. Highly detail facial expression of Groot face sculpts with venomized twist and tree texture including two newly developed interchangeable face sculpts (a half Venom and half Groot, and a complete Venomized Groot face sculpt); two styles of interchangeable tongues; a newly developed specialized body with plant like green vines; attachable body part for Venomized Groot; a number of toothy venus fly traps attachable to figure’s back and arms, and a dynamic figure stand for display!

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We Want To Hear From You

As of now we do not have a price or a release date, but when we do we will update once available.

What are your thoughts on the Venomized Groot by Hot Toys? What other Venomized characters would you like to see added to the lineup? That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you!

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