With Marvel’s Avengers going live on September 4, it’s natural that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix want to build up hype for it. Hence why they just released a cinematic trailer for the game.

Avengers, Rock Out!

Avengers Assembling and Looking Good

The overall feeling you get from the Avengers trailer is a sense of fun. Whether it’s the Hulk plowing through a whole bunch of AIM robots with a Greek column, or Thor hitting a homerun with a crushed robo-ball, you get the feeling that the Avengers are all having fun saving the world. It’s hard to feel any kind of tension when watching this trailer, but that’s alright. The whole point is to show how fun the game is, and on that point, it’s definitely working.

The Avengers beating up some robots and non-robots alike.
Violence is suddenly kid-friendly when it’s all done to robots.

Kamala Khan, aka. Ms. Marvel, is definitely stealing the spotlight in this trailer though. Whether she’s showing up late to the party, or smashing a robot with an embiggened fist while slurping an Icee she got from who knows where, it’s hard to deny the impact she has in the trailer. It makes a whole lot of sense when you remember how popular she is, and how she’s basically the main character of the game. Heck, according to the story trailer we got a few months ago, she kickstarts the entire plot.

Kamala Khan is the true star of this show.

However, one thing I’ve noted from the cinematic trailer is that not all of the robots are actually robots. You can see that some of the bigger robots actually have cockpits, meaning that there’s a human pilot in them. You can also see for a brief moment in the story trailer that some of your enemies are suited humans wielding guns, and gameplay from the beta test also shows human enemies. It makes me wonder if the game will address the moral dilemma of the Avengers attacking human enemies?

Are these guys getting their tech from Villains R Us?


Marvel’s Avengers just got a new cinematic trailer a week before its release on September 4. There’s no gameplay at all, but that’s okay, we got a bunch more trailers for that.

Source: YouTube