The Graboids are back and they’re bigger, stronger, and hungrier than ever!

Shrieker Island, the next film in the cult classic Tremors series, drops this October. Michael Gross reprises his role as Graboid hunter Burt Gummer. The film also stars Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) as Burt’s potential protégé.

Shrieker Island finds our hunters on a lush tropical island, full of beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and – you guessed it – giant hungry worms with massive teeth.

Check out the official synopsis below.

When a group of wealthy trophy hunters genetically modify Graboid eggs to create the ultimate hunting experience, it isn’t long before their prey escapes the confines of their small island and begin terrorizing the inhabitants of a nearby island research facility. The researchers locate the one man who is an expert in killing Graboids: the reluctant Burt Gummer (Michael Gross). Once on board, Burt leads the group in an all-out war against the larger, faster, and terrifyingly intelligent Graboids and the swiftly multiplying Shriekers!

Shrieker Island is the seventh film in the Tremors franchise. The film releases on DVD/Blu-Ray and digital on the 30th anniversary of the original film – October 20.

Tremors: Shrieker Island

Special features

The DVD/Blu-Ray released from Universal Pictures will feature a number of bonus features, including:

  • The Monsters of Tremors – Burt Gummer himself tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the world’s most fearsome monsters: Graboids, Shriekers, and Ass Blasters.
  • Tremors Top 30 Moments – A lot has happened since we first visited Perfection, Nevada. From the biggest laughs, to the most gruesome kills, to Burt’s greatest “Burtisms,” we relive some of the most classic moments from across the franchise.
  • The Legend of Burt Gummer – Throughout all the years of Tremors, one character has been the common thread. Take a deep dive into the iconic character Burt Gummer, led by the actor who made him a legend.

Tremors: Shrieker Island also includes discussions with previous franchise stars Kevin Bacon, Jamie Kennedy, and Ariana Richards.

Source: Universal Pictures