Dropping this week from DC Comics is Wonder Woman 761. In issue 760 last week, we saw the return of Maxwell Lord, one of Diana’s greatest enemies as he is a mind manipulator, both with games and actual mind control. People through out the city are seeing things, experiencing things that are not there. This is causing accidents and murders. Even our Amazonian Princess falls to the manipulations and wipes out two squads of Marines.

Wonder Woman 761 – Things That Are Not There

In this week’s issue Wonder Woman wakes up in lab with Etta hovering nearby. Etta fills Wonder Woman in on everything she did, and Diana is flabbergasted she could do such a thing. In fact the images return. Instead of seeing Etta, she see Cheetah about to attack her. Diana controls herself and the illusions eventually fades. Who could do this?

Then of course her #1 suspect enters the room – one Maxwell Lord! Diana would jsut as soon tear him limb from limb, but Etta explains he is here to help them. While Lord may not be behind these mental manipulations, the source comes from his old tech.

Wonder Woman 761 – Strange Bedfellows

Etta tells Wonder Woman camera phones are causing the problems. An app sends a signal when a picture is taken, causing the person to hallucinate. The program originated within Lord’s companies, but it was shut down when Lord was imprisoned. Someone else now holds the key to the servers and tech. As much as she hates to admit it, she needs Lord to shut down Odypix.

There is just one problem. A sub-story runs through this issue about a soldier. He succumbs to the brain washing and kinda set off a tiny little nuclear missile.

Wonder Woman 761 – She’s not ready.

Diana still suffers from the effect of the mind manipulation, and on top of that she just learned she needs to work with her arch enemy to stop this madness. Diana’s mind is split in a thousand different directions, but as most stories do, when our hero needs to step back and reorganize themselves is when all hell breaks loose.

If you think Diana is dealing with too much now, wait until she learns who the REAL villain is! She will be in for one gargantuan shock. If you want to get caught up to speed, I suggest you get down to your local comic store and pick up this issue.