CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths was the only beginning. Today is DC Fandome and the “Multiverse 101” panel just concluded. It was hosted by Tiffany Smith. It featured DC executives Jim Lee, Walter Hamada, and Greg Berlanti.

The biggest news from this panel is the confirmation that the multiverse exists between films and television. The crossover between Ezra Miller’s theatrical Flash and Grant Gustin’s television Flash is canon in both universes.

The three executives heavily teased that the multiverse concept is coming. Greg Berlanti confirmed that the multiverse isn’t dead in the CW universe. Walter Hamada implied that future films will explore the concept further. It is almost certain that the film Hamada teased was the upcoming Flash solo film.

Hamada also confirmed the long standing rumor that The Batman film exists on a separate earth than the current Justice League earth. He directly said it takes place on Earth Two, but that seemed to be a throwaway comment.

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