The DC Fandome launches tomorrow at 1pm ET/10am PT. We will finally see much of what is coming and what DC plans going forward. Fandome features both new and delayed films with Wonder Woman 84 leading the way. Naturally, previews and teasers are dropping with the newest being a new Wonder Woman 84 Poster. The new trailer drops tomorrow at the opening panel.

New Wonder Woman 84 Poster: The Eagle Takes Flight

Patti Jenkins kicked off the teasers by tweeting a brand new poster. Not only does it keep the multicolored 80’s theme going, but the Wonder Woman eagle suit is again featured. Whatever purpose this new armor serves, creators are riding its image big time. Check out the tweet below:

Show after show after show continues to demonstrate how culturally rich the 80 are. Programs like Stranger Things, Bumblebee, and more continue to use the 80’s culture as a backdrop. Wonder Woman’s marketing continues to do this in vibrant techo-colors. The Suit originates from the 1996 Elseworlds series Kingdom Come. Since its introduction, the armor has been pulled into other story lines as well.

New Wonder Woman 84 Poster: Why the Armor?

For a woman who runs around in a strapless top and a miniskirt time and time again without getting hurt to don a full body set of mystical armor means the enemy is extreme. The armor is so powerful it even wounds Superman, but little else is known about the armor or its abilities.

Diana has faced down both Ares and Doomsday (or will face down) without the assistance of the eagle armor, so why would she need it in 1984? Cheetah does not rise to any great levels. so its not her. Could it be Maxwell Lord? Could the suit possess anti-psionic powers? Maxwell Lord does have immense telepathic abilities, and some rumors have even speculated his telepathic powers are somehow responsible for the return of Steve Trevor. Could Diana need the armor in the way Magneto uses his helmet against Xavier?

New Wonder Woman 84 Poster: Be Ready For Great Things!

Tomorrow’s DC Fandome online event will shed light on a great many things both in the DC Universe and WW84. Patti Jenkins and the cast will participate, and a new trailer should drop as well. As of right now WW84 hits theaters on October 2nd.