This new Batman game by WB Montreal may not have a name yet, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting teasers. This one today is the last one before DC FanDome goes live, and perhaps they’ll finally tell us what the blasted name is.

Batman explaining to Robin using percussive means.
Batman: “Fool! I am not a troll!” Robin: “You didn’t have to slap me…”

Batman Devs Be Trollin’

In a move that demonstrates that WB Montreal is one of the trolliest devs in the world, they released their last teaser for their as-of-yet untitled Batman game. Why is it trolly? Well, not only did they release it right before the DC FanDome event, it’s just as cryptic as the rest of the teasers. This is in spite of the fact that it’s basically all the previous teasers combined. Apparently, adding up a bunch of mysteries only gives you a bigger mystery. Fancy that.

16 seconds of mysterious mystery.

WB Montreal made fans jump through a whole bunch of hoops to get this Batman game teaser. You apparently had to decipher a Twitter post, and then follow the onscreen instructions to get the teaser. If it sounds like a pain to you, you’re not alone. At least some of the fanbase seems to enjoy it though, kind of like the Halo fanbase with their teasers.

The Court of Owls in “Decrypt This!”.

As for the teaser itself, well, Batman may not be in it, but you can tell that it’s still Batman though. If you zoom in on the bottom left corner of the screen, you can see that the map displayed on the monitor comes from the GCPD database. GCPD obviously stands for “Gotham City Police Department”, so there’s your first big clue. However, the background behind the monitor shows gears, machinery, and assorted stuff that’s very suggestive of a clocktower. You know, the clocktower that Oracle (AKA: Batwoman) used as a base in the Arkham games?

So yeah, plenty of Batman lore in this teaser if you look hard enough. Even if Batman himself never shows up.


We get a 16-second teaser for the new Batman game that really doesn’t tell us much unless you’re really knowledgeable about Batman lore. At least the WB Montreal devs will finally give us official news at DC FanDome tomorrow as of the time of this writing. Hopefully, they’ll finally tell us how the Court of Owls figure in all this.

Source: ComicBook