It might have been the end of an era back in 2014, but in 2021 G4 is returning.

This is major, mostly because G4 was a pinnacle for video games. Shows like Attack Of The Show and X-Play were some of the best shows that aired on G4. And those along with some others should return.

Electric Playground Daily


Whether you caught Electric Playground in the 90s, when it was G4, or recently via YouTube, this is one of the best shows for video gaming and entertainment news.

Victor Lucas has been hosting Electric Playground since it’s inception in the 90s, so he definitely knows a thing or 2 about video games, tv shows, and movies.

And a lot of the same segments like The Rundown and Reviews On The Run are still a thing. And for it to come back on G4, these segments would be vital for it.

But also having other segments would be ideal as well. If it ended up being an hour-long show, The Rundown and Reviews On The Run and other segments would be perfect.

Ninja Warrior


Now I might be a fan of American Ninja Warrior, but the Japanese version is what I originally watched. It still had aspects of the American version which I appreciated, but it also had the spirit of Japanese athleticism shown off as well.

And it’s still a show in Japan. So G4 could, in theory, get syndication and broadcast rights to air it here again in the states. And to have all the new episodes air as well.

List Of Other Shows That Could Come Back

  • Cinematech
  • Code Monkeys
  • G4 Underground
  • DVDuseday (Should just be a show, not just a segment)
  • Web Soup
  • The Screen Savers
  • Anime Unleashed
  • Starcade
  • G4’s Late Night Peepshow

Personality, I’m really excited to get to relive my teen years and watch the content, and maybe even new content that G4 will be offering.