Regal Robot has announced their second creation in their Maquette Collection… the Jabba the Hutt Concept Maquette. This Jabba the Hutt Replica will be available to order on August 24th at 12pm EST. Here is the official press release from Regal Robot:

Jabba the Hutt Concept Maquette


Today we’re sharing a SNEAK PEEK at the second creation in our Maquette Collection… our Jabba the Hutt Concept Maquette Replica! It’s a limited, numbered edition based on Phil Tippett’s original concept sculpture used to bring the infamous character to life in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi™. After examining the original maquette among the artifacts from the film, our replica was painstakingly digitally recreated from extensive photographs and measurements.

Cast in heavy, solid polyurethane resin and made in the USA, each Jabba the Hutt Replica will be hand painted, making each a unique tribute to the artistry involved behind the scenes of our favorite films.

Tom Spina Regal Robot Founder

“Much like our Tauntaun™ Maquette Replica, this particular sculpture caught my eye in early behind the scenes documentaries and later in books showcasing the archive of props and costumes used in creating my favorite films.

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I feel so fortunate that our team now gets to examine the original props from the films up close as part of our process making unique replicas for fans.  The original concept maquette has this wonderfully self-satisfied look… his hands clasped, his head back, everything about him speaks to his attitude and power on Tatooine™ and the galaxy. We worked to faithfully capture every nuance and detail of that original sculpture, but above-all, we wanted to maintain and represent the feel and attitude within.” – Tom Spina (Regal Robot founder).

This edition will be available to order on August 24th starting at 12pm Eastern.

Full details and photos will be posted on our site that day. So keep an eye here and join our email newsletter to be alerted when that goes live and be in the know for this and all of our upcoming releases. This item will be eligible for 3 easy payments.  Learn more about our payment plan here.

Thank you all for reading. We look forward to making these maquettes for collectors looking to bring something unique and authentic to their homes! If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time!

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Source: Regal Robort.