The Dark Crystal has always been a unique world, but what happens in this issue goes well beyond anything we experienced so far. Ever heard of Jonah and the Whale? Pinocchio and Monstro? If only they could of had it so good! Age of Resistance 10 takes us where the Abyss did not.

Age of Resistance 10 – A Moral Struggle

When issue 9 ended, Captain Kam’lu and the All-Maudra Mayrin bailed ship as a Mondo Levidian attacked and destroyed it. Issue 10 picks up with the pair lost at sea. They lack food, water, and an actual vessel as they float along on a piece of the ships hull. As Kam’lu wakes a struggle begins between the two that pits loyalty against survival.

Mayrin has just one thought. They need to find the rest of the crew and her party and save them. Kam’lu knows the sea. Their friends and colleagues must survive on their own now. If they do not find land soon, they will die of starvation and thirst. The interactions between the two, while holding dire consequences, remains pithy and entertaining.

Age of Resistance 10 – That’s No Island!

As they argue about who can better find land, Mayrin spots an island and swims for it. Kam’lu insists this is a bad idea as he jumps in after her. Their swim for life turns into a competition on who can reach the island first. Only, that’s no island, it’s a Mondo Levidian! The creature that sank their ship now comes back for them. Of course with nowhere to go, they become snack food.

Our heroes cannot die. Can they? Of course not. This is Dark Crystal not Game of Thrones. They find themselves trapped in the belly of the beast. This beast is large enough they can wander through it and try to find a way to live or survive, but as they wander an interesting thing happens.

Age of Resistance 10 – A Whole New Level of Weird

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you crossed a crab with a podling? I am betting you haven’t, but guess what – you get a Bobling! Yeah. Read the issue and it will all make sense. Let’s just say the innards of this beast support a very complicated ecosystem and a community of Boblings.

This was a fun issue to read, and I highly recommend Age of Resistance 10 if you like the Dark Crystal. If you want to start the series, you only need to back up one issue. Check it out at your local comic store today.