If you are a fan of Stan Lee, then you are not going to want to miss this PREVIEWS exclusive. Heavy Iron Studios is paying tribute to the legendary Comic Creator, with their Orange Sweater Minico Vinyl Statue – PREVIEWS Exclusive. Here is the official description from PREVIEWS World:

Stan Lee

Stan Lee Orange Sweater Minico Vinyl Statue – Previews Exclusive

Excelsior! Iconic Marvel comic book creator and legend, Stan Lee joins your collection in miniature with this exclusive Mini Co. figure! A version of this statue was previously released with Stan donning a slick green sweater (JAN208390). But this new PREVIEWS Exclusive release features Stan wearing an orange sweater. A real Green Goblin to Hobgoblin sort of situation for Stan!

Stan Lee

Featuring a unique stylized sculpt of Stan sitting in the director’s chair in his signature style, this PREVIEWS Exclusive hand-painted Stan Lee Mini Co. figure measures about 5 1/2″ tall on the Excelsior display base!

Pay tribute to Stan “The Man” Lee by adding this mini statue to your Marvel collection and preorder the Minico PREVIEWS Exclusive Stan Lee Orange Sweater Statue (JUN208464, $34.99) starting today at your local comic shop!

This Stan “The Man” Lee statue will be available in January of 2021. You can pre-order it now at most local comic shops like my favorite BuyMeToys.com, or other retailers like Entertainment Earth.

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