Greatest Quotes of the Original Trilogy

I continue with the second of three installments of the greatest quotes from the Star Wars saga with the greatest quotes of the Original Trilogy. The previous article from the prequel trilogy can be found here. With the original trilogy, we get some of the oldest and most well known quotes in all of Star Wars….with one exception. For the sake of keeping things simple Rogue One shows up with this list since it and A New Hope are essentially a single 4 hour episode made 40 years apart.

The hard part with this trilogy comes from the nature of the quotes. There are meaningful quotes and then quotes like “I’d just soon kiss a wookiee.” For now we will largely stick with the more meaningful quotes.

WARNING: Truth of the universe #13: The minute you stand for something, you make an enemy. The minute you draw a line someone will be on the wrong side of it. Therefore I feel I have to say the following are my beliefs alone. They do not express the beliefs of THS or any of its personnel.

Greatest Quotes of the Original Trilogy: #1

Greatest Quotes of the Original Trilogy; Rogue One

Chirrut Imwe: I am one with the Force and the Force is with me….All is as the force wills it.

Rogue One

While this quote contains greater religious implications, it works well on its own. In using it, Chirrut shows what devotion to an ideal or belief can accomplish. Whether it be focusing on the core of your belief or simply the task at hand, being able to focus and devote yourself to what must happen can be a very powerful tool.

In the movie it allows Chirrut to brave blaster fire and explosions and reach the switch that must be thrown in order for the plan to succeed. One of the great real life examples of this comes from the 1996 Olympics. The US had never won the gold in women’s gymnastics, but they were poised to here. Kerri Strug simply need to nail her vaults and the US wins. The problem is on her first vault she over rotates and sprains her ankle.

She knows what is at stake and limps back out for her second attempt. She vaults for the second time and briefly lands on both feet, but in the process she sprains her ankle further and causes tendon damage, but the US took home the gold.

Whether it be sports, the military or feats at home, there are many inspiring stories that show what focus and determination can do.

Greatest Quotes of the Original Trilogy: #2

Chirrut Imwe: There is more than one sort of prison, Captain. I sense you carry yours wherever you go.

Rogue One

Thsi quote really jumped out for me because it can be more true than we want to realize. Many times we find ourselves in bad times and wish we could move somewhere and start over; However, there is an old saying: You can run from others, but you cannot run from yourself. We do not often realize many of the problems in life are from our own actions and choosings. We carry those consequences around with us and they limit what we think we can do.

Our past can become our jail if we are not careful, and as Chirrut states, we carry it around with us.learning to deal with our past and letting it go can free us from these ‘prisons’ and let us lead our full lives.

Greatest Quotes of the Original Trilogy: #3

Ben Kenobi: Who’s the more foolish? The fool? Or the fool who follows him?

A New Hope

You have to love this quote. Ben uses it to put the cocky and brash Han Solo in his place. Han chides Ben for getting them into this mess, but Ben quickly points out, if I’m so bad why are you following me?

This can be taken one of two ways. In today’s political climate it will most often be used to make fun of someone’s followers, but it is the second meaning that should be focused on. If the leaders are doing such a bad job why aren’t you stepping up and doing the job? From politicians to coaches to parents, it can be a humbling experience when you step into their shoes and try to do what they are doing.

Greatest Quotes of the Original Trilogy: #4

Greatest Quotes of the Original Trilogy

Leia: Put that thing away before you get us all killed!

A New Hope

Okay, so this one is not the most inspirational or meaningful of quotes, but it can be one of the most fun. We all have that friend that likes to take normal conversation and pervert its meaning. The most popular way of doing this is ‘That’s what she said.” Once the infection spreads to the group no one can speak without thinking of the perverse double entendre. This line from Leia is one of many Star Wars lines that contain that pervertedly fun double meaning.