Whether you’re an old fan of Buffy comics or just looking to get started, you won’t want to miss the Legacy collection.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Legacy Edition collects issues #1-10 of the original Buffy comics. While the Buffy legacy has carried on in a ton of comic editions, these stories were the start of it all. Set during the events of the show’s third season, these stories are meant to supplement the original canon of the hit TV series.

Dark Horse originally published these Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics. Now, Boom! Studios has brought them together in a newly designed collection. Check out a sneak peek of the design and story details below.

Which Stories Are In Buffy: Legacy Vol. 1?

The following Buffy comics stories are included in Legacy Vol. 1:

“Wu-Tang Fang” Xander takes up martial arts and joins Buffy in a fight against legendary vampire and Kung Fu master San Sui.

“Halloween” Sunnydale experiences an increase in vampire activity as Halloween approaches.

“Cold Turkey” Strange happenings at home and a leftover Halloween mystery linger in Buffy’s mind as Thanksgiving rolls around.

“White Christmas” Buffy snags a job at the local mall to help pay for Christmas presents. But her new boss is more than a little strange…

“Happy New Year” New Year’s Eve brings a cursed Puritan and a Hellhound to Sunnydale.

“New Kid on the Block” In this two-part story, a slumber party turns deadly when vampires attack. And Willow’s new friend Cynthia is definitely hiding something…

“The Final Cut” The Scooby gang gets involved in making a Hollywood movie, but the filmmaker has a sinister secret.

“Hey, Good Looking” In this two part story, Buffy takes up modeling. Meanwhile, an old foe out for vengeance returns to town.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Legacy Edition Vol. 1 is available from Boom! Studios now.

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Source: Boom! Studios