With the exception of long time Wonder Woman followers, when most people think of arch rivals they think of a couple of characters. Giganta and Cheetah are two of the most prominent ones people think of, as is Ares, but in reality her Luthor/Joker nemesis is actually a man by the name of Maxwell Lord. At the end of WW 759 he returned, or actually she tracked him down to his prison. Either way the master manipulator is back, and guess what….people are losing their minds. But is he the cause or the key to beating it? Wonder Woman 760 will twist minds.

Wonder Woman 760: Gotta Love Mind Control

Many of the great stories have some sort of mind control involved. Whether it is the author bending your mind, or characters doing it to each other, readers go through the stories wondering what’s real and what is illusion. The fiendish Maxwell Lord serves this purpose fully. We know he controls minds, but 760 does an awesome job setting up a ‘who’s really in charge’ scenario.

Maxwell Lord is Diana’s greatest nemesis. Diana lacks Bruce Wayne’s vow not to kill. While she will do her best not to kill, she will, and in the past histories, Maxie is the one person Diana willingly killed in Wonder Woman 219. The fallout from those actions caused her immense troubles, so when he surfaces, pay attention.

Wonder Woman 670: Who’s Controlling Who??

People all across the city are having mental issues. They experience something completely different from reality and it ends up hurting/killing them or others around them. No one knows what’s going on, so Diana tracked down Maxwell Lord. He still remains in his prison, but when Wonder Woman arrives, everyone is dead, save Max.

She assumes he is behind the incident, but when she uses the Lasso of Truth on him, the questions mount even further. Maxwell swears by the lasso that he is not responsible. One cannot lie with the lasso around them, so Diana leaves in confusion. This mind control wreaks of his MO, but one cannot lie. What is going on?

Wonder Woman 760: Oops.

We get a brief scene with Diana and her apparent new, young ward, Emma. It is a cute scene that will probably carry consequences down the road, but for now it humanizes Diana and attempts to normalize her a bit. Then the next day, she goes back to saving the day as Wonder Woman. It is the following night things get interesting.

Waking her from her sleep, a giant robot fist slams through Wonder Woman’s ceiling. She flees from them only to be attacked by a swarm of parademons, but our Amazon princess, being the bad ass she is, smashes all of them into pulp. Or did she just scew up and make the biggest mistake of her life?

While most of this issue is set up for what is to come, it is a great read and makes you hunger for the 761!