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In an exclusive interview with That Hashtag Show, The Umbrella Academy‘s showrunner, Steve Blackman dropped some details about the upcoming plans for the show. That interview gave us some details about what could be coming for the show and graphic novel series. Blackman dropped some small hints about how long the show might run for as well. *Spoilers* for season two of The Umbrella Academy and forward ahead!

The Umbrella Academy Has Plans To Run For More Than Three Seasons

Umbrella Academy
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock (10103494ar) Steve Blackman arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of “The Umbrella Company” at The Arclight Hollywood on LA Premiere of “The Umbrella Company”, Los Angeles, USA – 12 Feb 2019

Here’s an excerpt from that interview.

THS: Would it suffice to say that you’ve had a sneak-peak at some of the upcoming story lines in the comics?

Yes and no. I haven’t seen the comics, but I’m very close with Gerard and we talked a lot about things he wants to do, things I want to do. So I do have a sense of some things. He’s asked where I want to go, so we’re very good at sharing with each other. That’s why it’s a perfect collaboration.

Steve Blackman

THS: As soon as I heard the name Sparrow Academy, I thought of the last time we see Harlan in the back of his mother’s car, levitating what appears to be a toy bird in his hands. Perhaps that’s a toy sparrow? Is there any connection there?

I cannot confirm or deny that.

Steve Blackman

The Show Is Planning On Running For More Than Three Seasons

THS: (Laughs) I love it! Now, I heard a rumor that there are allegedly nine volumes planned for The Umbrella Academy graphic novels. Now, assuming Netflix keeps giving you green lights, how many seasons do you have up your sleeve?

Are you asking me how much does the show have? Or how many I have up my sleeve? Because they’re two different answers. I think the show could go for a very long time. I have an idea in my mind of the first three seasons. I’ve sort of thought it out, and I know what I want season three to be. I haven’t really thought beyond that.

But look, the truth is, I do love the show and the cast. If Netflix and the fans want us to do more, I would do more. I don’t know where the volumes are going in Gerard’s mind. I know he does want to write a lot more volumes. But I think as long as we can tell a really quality story and make the fans happy we can keep going. And at a certain point we may have to end before the graphic novel does, but we’ll see.

Steve Blackman

What This Could Mean For Seasons Going Forward

The show’s second season was well received by most media outlets and reviewers. Netflix has yet to order a third season or more for the show, but with success like this, it’s only a matter of time. Steve Blackman has plans for further after the show. Gerard Way is still in the process of writing the fourth volume of the graphic novel. We’ll have to see where the show goes after this, but a planned encounter with The Sparrow Academy and more should be in the cards. It’ll be interesting to see if his vision for the show remains in tune with the vision from the graphic novels.

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