Atomic Monster Productions, Spyglass Media, James Wan and Judson Scott are a developing a contemporary of the 80s cult tv series Knight Rider.

Knight Rider

The original Knight Rider was a Glen A. Larson creation, an 80’s science fiction tv series. In it Michael Knight, played by David Hasselhoff, travels the country fighting crime with his talking car KITT. The original series was not technically a runaway success at the time, only running from 1982 to 1986. But Knight Rider soon became a cult classic. A reputation which grew into an iconic IP, catapulting Hasselhoff to icon status (along with his other 80’s TV series Bay Watch), spawning a successful convention KnightCon, and several not-so-successful reboot franchises.

KITT Rides Again

In a new report from Deadline Hollywood a new take on Knight Rider is currently in development. Spyglass Media and Atomic Monster Productions are currently attached to develop a feature film based on Knight Rider. James Wan and Judson Scott are attached as executive producers. No director is as yet attached but T.J. Fixman is writing the screenplay. This project will be Fixman’s film screenplay, having worked up till now in video games like Ratchet & Clank and Resistance: Fall of Man. According the Deadline press release the film will have a present day setting but seek to “maintain the anti-establishment tone of the original”.

Past Mistakes

As previously mentioned there have been many attempts to reboot Knight Rider and all have failed to capture the specific appeal of the original. Team Knight Rider (1997 – 1998), and a 2008 sequel series also called Knight Rider. Both of which were flops. With these two failures studios have been reluctant to try rebooting the series again. The most recent attempt was a reboot series from Hasselhoff and James Gunn but this went no where. Hasselhoff last teased that there would be news coming earlier this year in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, but so far its unclear whether he was referring to this film or not. As it’s still early in the development of this new film it’s unclear yet whether this series will even make it through production, much less whether it’ll be any good or not.