The longtime screen and television commercial legend Wilford Brimley passed away this weekend at the age of 85. His passing has many fans of his sci-fi, action, horror, and whatever else reminiscing about his roles. One of the more underrated roles in his film career came as Noa Briqualon in Ewoks: Battle for Endor. In the clip above, Noa is trying to get something to work, and it obviously doesn’t. You tell me that isn’t a curse word. That isn’t as funny as this slipping past all the censors and the people at LucasFilm though. The character being Wilford Brimley makes it all that much better.

Ewoks: Battle for Endor was a TV movie released in 1985. It was set after Return of the Jedi. It’s a side-story in the Star Wars universe that expands upon the Forest Moon of Endor and the characters that inhabit it. Fans can debate whether it and the previous film The Ewok Adventure are canon or not. That doesn’t make this clip of Brimley any less funny. We’re not here to debate about canon or not, just enjoy the work of Wilford Brimley.

Remembering Wilford Brimley

Wilford Brimley

Aubree Miller had this to say to FanthaTracks about her time working with Wilford Brimley on the set of Ewoks: Battle for Endor.

I was saddened to hear the news of the passing of Wilford Brimley. I was so young while filming that I do not have specific memories working with him. It was always fun to be on set and I can only imagine it was his kindness that made it so enjoyable. I’m sad for his family and they are in my prayers.

From Miller’s Interview with FanthaTracksm

Wilford Brimley was a titan of the screen and he was apart of some of the biggest and best movies in his time. He also taught a generation about diabetes awareness through his work in commercials. His untimely passing weighs on fans like all of us.

What do you think of Ewoks: Battle For Endor? Do you think it fits into the Star Wars canon? Does Wilford Brimley actually utter a curse word in a film made about fuzzy Ewoks for children? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook at Star Wars Fanatics.

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