In a video posted by the Czar of Xbox himself, Larry Hryb, (or Major Nelson), he showed off some new features of the Xbox Microsoft Store coming. The new update is going to be available to some Xbox Insiders later this week, and rolled out for everyone at a later date. The update to promised to be much faster than the previous store. Loading up in under two seconds.

Cody Bird, Principle Program Manager at Xbox had this to say about it in the official release by Xbox.

Far more than a typical app update, we’ve rebuilt the experience from the ground up to be faster, safer and easier to use than ever before. We’re obsessed with getting it right for customers, and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on.

In addition to speed, it fixes some other issues. Parental Controls get a revamp, with the older store being too easy to break through. If you don’t want your kids seeing “M” rated games, they won’t be visible at the most strict control level.

The Likely Look Of The Xbox Series X Store

Courtesy of Microsoft

The Xbox Series X is launching later this fall. This update makes sense because it is a more refined looking version of the Xbox Store. Whenever a new console launches, the team behind it wants everything to look new and cool. This goes a long way doing that. With the old Microsoft Store looking a bit dated after being used for so long on the Xbox One. There isn’t an official date for the rollout for everyone else, but we’ll keep you updated on that.

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