The majority of this story revolves around the Omega Rangers with a brief but gut-punching few pages back on Earth. Hold on to your morphers!

Off Planet Escapades

The Omegas are on Safehaven ready to transport civilians to their home. Zack is busy playing games with the local children just to stay occupied. During the trip, Zack implies to Xi that it needs some more recreational facilities. Xi, sarcastically replies that with the next ship he will add a swimming pool to the design. Also, the Spectrum II has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve.

Jason and Trini are talking about their prolonged romp through space. Trini commenting that Jason never stops working out, in fact, the room their in has higher gravity for more resistance. Jason loves being an Omega Ranger while it seems Trini is ready to get back to Earth.

As the ship is about to land on the refugee’s home planet. The scene is bleak, the great city and golden spires have crumbled into ash and desolation. The rangers head down to the surface to face off against some type of monsters that as Xi says shouldn’t exist. Next thing you see the rangers “bring em together” unleashing the OMEGA STRIKE! It puts the Power Blaster to shame!

Finally, a mysterious figure arises from the debris announcing the Omega Rangers have reached THE END

Meanwhile back on Earth

At Angel Grove High the students get paired up by their teacher, Aisha gets stuck with Bulk while Adam gets teamed up with a new character Violet. at some point in their conversation, she brings up that while she doesn’t hate the rangers who hold THEM accountable. Adam tries to defend himself but Violet calls him too militant, leaving our hero speechless

Back at the Power Chamber Kimberly finally confronts the still imprisoned Drakkon. These panels hit you hard. Drakkon keeps egging Kimberly on using his knowledge from HIS Kimberly against her. One gorgeous panel Kimberly has the power bow is drawn and ready. Then next she turns and walks away!

Thoughts On The Rangers…

This issue to me is a bit all over the place with the characters and where it’s going, nothing seems related to the main covers “enemy of my enemy”. Drakkon is just wallowing in the power chamber with his mind supposedly fractured. Whereas Adam’s dealing with someone else’s opinion doesn’t seem like something that draws me in. But whoever this mysterious stranger calling out the Omega Rangers that has me on the edge of my seat, chomping at the bit for the next issue.

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