Is Tell Me A Story getting a new happily ever after?

Not quite. While the series is moving from CBS All Access to the CW, there are no plans to move forward with a new season at this time. The dark fairy tale retelling drama aired two seasons before its cancellation by CBS All Access.

In the wake of production shutdowns forced by COVID-19, broadcast platforms have been struggling to fill air time with new and appealing content. The CW has responded to the production halt by buying up content from other providers. The network then airs those shows on the CW for its (hopefully new) audience. The CW nabbed reality competition series Killer Camp from the UK earlier this summer. CW fans can also catch Canadian drama Coroner and British comedy Dead Pixels on the network.

About Tell Me A Story

Tell Me A Story weaves together multiple fairy tale plots but in a new, modern setting. The first season set in New York City combines the stories The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, and Hansel and Gretel.

The second season, set in Nashville, brings together princess tales Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty.

Ahead of the show’s CW premiere, the network released new character posters for the show. Check out the posters and additional details about the characters below.

Kayla (Danielle Campbell): A young woman who strayed from her promising path after the death of her mother, falling in with the wrong crowd.

Tell Me A Story poster - Danielle Campbell as Kayla

Colleen (Kim Cattrall): A former chorus girl and very non-traditional grandmother to Kayla, who will be forced to grow up and take on parental duties to protect her family from a sinister threat.

Tell Me A Story poster - Kim Cattrall as Colleen

Eddie (Paul Wesley): A bartender and low-level drug dealer struggling with his own addiction issues.

Tell Me A Story poster - Paul Wesley as Eddie

Hannah (Dania Ramirez): A young Army vet who recently returned from war. When her estranged brother calls for help, the two embark on a deadly chase for survival.

Tell Me A Story poster - Dania Ramirez as Hannah

Gabe (Davi Santos): Hannah’s brother, a vulnerable young man with abandonment issues.

Tell Me A Story poster - Davi Santos as Gabe

Jordan (James Wolk): An idealistic and successful NYC restaurateur who begins a descent into madness when the unimaginable happens.

Tell Me A Story poster - James Wolk as Jordan

Source: ComicBook