As we did last week with Pioneer Decklists To Restore Faith In Humanity, we’re back with more sick Pioneer decklists. Since the unbanning of Oath of Nissa, I, like many of you, were sort of wary of the format. It turns out, Oath of Nissa might have added more wrinkles to the format than previously thought. You can see all the different decks that get posted from Magic Online here. We had four hot decks last week, this week, you get an extra two. The technology was out in full force for the Pioneer Leagues and these were the hottest ones that I could find.

First Hot Pioneer 5-0 Deck: Selesnya Counters

This first deck is a Selesnya Counters/Scales deck, but it doesn’t play the namesake card: Hardened Scales. Instead it eschews that enchantment for more creatures and Collected Company. This list also includes the combo of Walking Ballista and Heliod, Sun-Crowned. Now I’m putting this one first, because if you’re played Pioneer recently, you know that combo. The combo isn’t the cool thing about this decklist. It’s the rest of the cards around it.

If you know me, you know I love this card. Whether it was the success that I had in Pioneer earlier this year with it, or just in EDH. Seeing this card in a decklist makes my eyes pop and I have to give it a look. Here, it pulls double duty because putting counters on things is good with both Walking Ballista and Conclave Mentor. Overall this is one that I’m definitely going to have to try out sometime.

Second Hot Pioneer 5-0 Deck: Selesnya Counters? Again?

Now this one is a bit of a cheat in two ways. One, it’s not from the 5-0 leagues, it’s from the Pioneer Challenge. Second, I don’t want to double up on decks usually, but this is a completely different deck than the previous one. They share the Walking Ballista combo, but that’s about it. Silhana Wayfinder is some major tech for this deck.

Not exactly a constructed powerhouse, the Wayfinder helps this deck find the combo pieces, and ways to protect it. If you’re down with Walking Ballista and Heliod, but not in the Mono-White Midrange deck, then you should give this one a try!

Third Hot Pioneer 5-0 Deck: Golgari Midrange

Golgari Midrange is a pretty close cousin to the successful Sultai Midrange deck in Pioneer. But it takes some major stones to want to play Midrange in the format without Uro, Titan of Nature’s Wrath. This deck instead plays one of the most powerful cards in Pioneer that doesn’t see much play, Emrakul, The Promised End.

Big Momma is in town. And she’s taking turns all over the place. The rest of the deck is pretty straightforward with some Traverse the Ulvenwald targets that are pretty interesting. This is another one that gets a boost from Oath of Nissa. If you’re a fan of non-Uro Midrange, this is one for you.

Fourth Hot Pioneer 5-0 deck: Esper Yorion

Okay, before I lose you. Yorion is not a hot card. It’s played out, I still have mental scars from when Companions were fully powered. I get it. But this decklist is probably the closest thing to a fair, awesome Yorion deck, that we’re going to get. Not only does it play the full four copies of the namesake card, but you get some awesome interactions with the creatures in the deck. Thassa, Deep-Dwelling is a sick engine card that allows you to do disgusting things with Yorion and the other creatures in the deck. Anytime I see a Basillica Bell-Haunt, I have to check out the list.

Fifth Hot Pioneer 5-0 Deck: Dimir Midrange/Aggro?

Normally, I’d run to the hills like the rest of you when discussing the Dimir colors in Pioneer. Simply hearing Dimir, you think, “well Inverter has to come after that”. No, it doesn’t have to. Showing that there’s more play to this color combination than a 6/6 flying cow, this deck is an interesting look at how the colors could shake-up in a post-Inverter ban situation.

Speaking of hotness from a recent set, Thieves’ Guild Enforcer is similar to the vein of Kird Ape, Wild Nacatl, Delver of Secrets, or Loam Lion. It starts off small, but it has a relevant ability that makes it into an actual threat. This one might be something to sock away in the files for if Inverter of Truth gets a ban.

Sixth Hot Pioneer 5-0 Deck: Boros Transmogrify

I saved the best for last. This is sort of a deck in Historic and it was a sort of deck in Standard. But the Pioneer version has more power, more sick cards, and just is cooler in general. Also you’re playing all the hallmark cards of Yorion decks, without playing the Bird Dragon whatever menace. Plus in addition to big Momma Emrakul, you get to kill people with Void Winnower.

Good luck to the Inverter player who’s trying to combo through this one. Or the Gideon of the Trials that sit in the maindeck. Overall, this one is for those players out there tired of getting beaten down and that just want to put a 9-13 drop in play on turn 4. And then back it up with a planeswalker. Isn’t that what we all want out of Magic?

We’ll Be Back With More Pioneer Decks Next Week

Pioneer is a format full of different cards that are insanely powerful. That means even if Dimir Inverter or Lotus Breach are the best decks, that doesn’t spell out doom and gloom for other players. You can still win with the right tools, and these decks could become the Tier One decks of tomorrow.

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