FX comedy What We Do In The Shadows follows vampire roommates Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, and Colin Robinson attempting to navigate the modern world.

On Saturday, the cast and executive producers held a virtual Comic-Con panel to discuss the show. Here are 8 behind-the-scenes facts about What We Do In The Shadows straight from the cast themselves.

1. Matt Berry geeked out when he did a scene with Mark Hamill.

In season 2, Mark Hamill guest stars as a vengeful vampire after Berry’s Laszlo. When the two get into a fight in a bar, Hamill’s character brandishes a pool stick like a lightsaber.

“I’d never seen Matt so giggly,” said executive producer Stefani Robinson.

“You’ve got to understand what that was like. I mean, I was stood in front of Luke Skywalker!” said Berry. “It doesn’t matter how cool you think you are, or how in-character you think you are. You’re not! You’re seven years old with Luke Skywalker right in front of you.”

Mark Hamill in What We Do In The Shadows
Russ Martin/FX via Entertainment Weekly

2. The show films mostly at night.

Vampires have to stay out of the sunlight, so most of the filming ends up happening after dark. The cast and crew end up being partially nocturnal while shooting the series.

3. Natasia Demetriou caught herself on fire while on set.

The vampire mansion set is decorated with a ton of real lit candles. Demetriou lingered near one too long while trying to take a picture and accidentally caught herself on fire. Luckily, the on-set fire marshal and a number of crew members rushed to her aid and she wasn’t injured.

4. The bats are CGI…

The actors are usually looking at a rubber bat on a stick as a reference point while shooting.

5. …but a number of real animals have been used on set.

Live animals appearing in the first two seasons of What We Do In The Shadows include dogs, raccoons, a squirrel, and a goat.

6. Berry pranked Demetriou with his vampire teeth.

He added a red powder to them, and then kept pretending not to understand when Demetriou would say there was something on his teeth. “I still don’t know what it was!” Demetriou laughed.

7. ‘Before the Shadows’ was meant to be a one-off.

Before the Shadows logo

Harvey Guillén, who plays Guillermo, started “Before the Shadows” as a way to provide bonus content to fans. But it wasn’t supposed to be a whole show – he actually intended it to be a one-time thing. Then fans started asking when the next episode would be, and a whole new series was born. Guillén even brought his sister on to produce the show.

8. Berry and Demetriou wrote some of the “Human Music Group” songs.

In the season 2 episode “Collaboration,” Laszlo and Nadja decide to get back to their songwriting roots. The pair perform some original music at an open mic night. (It goes about as well as you’d expect.) Berry and Demetriou wrote some of the songs that ended up in the episode, as well as a ton that didn’t end up getting used. So when will the Human Music Group album drop?

You can find out more about What We Do In The Shadows directly from the stars themselves. Watch the show’s Comic-Con panel below, and be sure to check back to That Hashtag Show for more Comic-Con@Home updates.