We had to wait awhile for the latest adventure, but we have more information about HBO Max’s version of Adventure Time! The Adventure Time: Distant Lands panel from Comic Con@Home 2020 featured voice actors and producers from the series. They spoke about the first installment of the Distant Lands series, BMO. They also gave us a little teaser for the second of the four installments: Obsidian.

Poster for Obsidian
Poster for Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Obsidian

I was really, really excited when I read the script. I think that they way that they executed this story line with Obsidian is going to be really satisfying for the fans to kind of take off a lot of the questions they’ve had.

Olivia Olson, the voice of Marceline

Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Obsidian will follow Marceline and Princess Bubblegum as they journey to the Glass Kingdom to prevent an earthshaking catastrophe. The episode will also dive into the two’s “tumultuous past”. Along with that information, we got the show’s poster. Which features Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, along with some new characters.

The original run of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network lasted ten seasons, clocking in a monstrous 283 episodes. Luckily the series finale wrapped up everything nicely. However, there were still more stories to tell. Adventure Time: Distant Lands was announced after two years. Airing exclusively on HBO Max, four new 45 minute long adventures awaited fans. BMO, Obsidian, Wizard City, and Together Again.

Fans could guess about what’s going to happen next based on the episode titles. Wizard City and Together again are a mystery still though.

You can view the entire Adventure Time: Distant Lands – Official Panel at the link below: