One of the big break out shows on streaming last year was an Amazon title called The Boys. Viewers love Superheroes, but in the movies, the superheroes are beyond virtue and fight for the good of all, but what if they were real? What if Superheroes existed as real people in today’s world? Could they be so virtuous? Or would they be complete assholes? Season 1 favored the latter to mind blowing extremes. Now The Boys cast talks Season 2.

The Boys Cast Talks Season 2: The Cast Returns

After a year of waiting, The Boys return to Amazon streaming for season 2 September 4th. For this year’s San Diego Comicon streaming panel, Aisha Tyler narrated the teleconference along with Executive Producer Eric Kripke. Together they were joined by Karl Urban (Butcher), Jack Quaid (Hughie), Antony Starr (Homelander), Erin Moriarty (Annie), Jesse T Usher (A-Train), Laz ALonzo (Mother’s Milk), Chase Crawford (The Deep), Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko), Tomer Capon (Frenchie), and newcomer Aya Cash.

When season 2 begins, the world is in essential chaos. The boys are now wanted fugitives and hunted by the Seven and the government. Meanwhile many of the ‘Super Heroes’ find themselves in new places they do not like post season 1. 

The Boys Cast Talks Season 2: A Taste of Things to Come

Erik talked a little bit about what to expect with season 2. One big thing he touched on was the addition of a new member of the Seven named Stormfront. Stormfront will stand toe-to-toe with Homelander, but she brings some baggage. Stormfront will add the issue of racism and white supremacy to the table this year.

Then to give viewers a taste of things to come Eric shared the following clip:

There Be Whales Here!

Crazy shit like this was a staple for season 1. Nice to see they aren’t holding back! The CGI looked amazing didn’t it? Wait…that wasn’t CGI? NOPE! Karl Urban talked about that scene. He said it was a lot of fun to shoot, and shoot it they did. Karl actually drove the boat on the water at high speeds with a helicopter circling up above. Karen even mentioned getting sea sick by day 3. All of the actors crewed the boat, not stuntmen, and when it came time to ‘crash the whale’ they did exactly that!

Eric talked a bit about what it took to crash a real boat into the model whale that measured 20′ long and 11′ high. He said they began building that thing back in season 1 because he knew how big and expensive it would be. It was fully animatronic and moved its tail and mouth just like seen in the clip. The cast involved said it was the foulest smell they ever encountered and were picking whale parts off them for days.

The Boys Cast Talks Season 2: What Lies Ahead

Karl Urban as Butcher
Karl Urban as Butcher

The rest of the panel the cast took turns talking about their characters and where they were headed in season 2.

Karl Urban: Butcher is now more concerned with rescuing his wife from Homelander instead of killing him. How far will he go this to get her back?  Will he again jeopardize the team to get his wants?  Karl also talked about how Season 2 offers up a lot of unlikely pairings with characters throughout the season.

Antony Starr: His turn starts with Aisha showing a picture of Homelander licking breast milk out of a baby bottle now that Stillwell is dead. Season 2 will show Homelander trying to find his internal self.  Homelander may be the strongest physical man, but he is weakest emotionally. 

Jack Quaid: In season 1 Hughie latches on to others for direction. Season 2 Hughie striking out more on his own and does what he thinks needs to be done.

Erin Moriarty: Starlight was an idealist in season 1.  Her morals stay intact for season 2, but she adapts her methods to reality. She now pairs up with odd bed fellows to meet her own goals.  With A-train still around they have to figure each other out while still working together. 

Jesse T. Usher: A-Train had heart attack while fighting Starlight because of his abuse of compound V.  Season 2 A-Train now has to face the issues he has been running from. He normally takes his issues out on others and fears losing his spot with the Seven.  In Season 2 we learn more about why he needs to be on top and the fear that drives him.

The Boys Cast Talks Season 2: The Cast Continues

Laz Alonzo: Focused on following Butcher, Mother’s Milk needs to figure out where he want to be with Butcher gone.  He is a fighter of wrongs and is used to being the moral compass of the group.

Chase Crawford: They started Chase’s interview with a ‘mystery fan’ with a video question. It was a dolphin posing the question.  Deep has to find himself and work back to the Seven in Season 2.  Someone from his past joins him in Ohio and alters his direction.

Karen – Season 2 will dive into Kimiko’s psyche.  We will learn more about her past and how she became who she is and why she does not speak. This process will drive a wedge between her and Frenchie. 

Tomer Capon– We will get to see Frenchie’s origin and why he is with the Boys.  Because of Kamiko’s changes they have to separate and redefine themselves.  Frenchie has many traumas he needs to deal with.

Aya Cash– Aya is the new girl to the group. She plays Stormfront.  Aya says Stormfront can go toe-to-toe with Homelander and will be a fan favorite…until her dark side comes out. Stormfront will introduce white supremacy and race relations into the show.

The Boys Cast Talks Season 2: ….and Season 3??

Aisha Tyler talked with Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg briefly. They announced that even though season 2 is still a month away, they alreaady received a green light for season 3 to go into production. Due to the virus they were not sure where or when they would start with production, but it was definitely a go.

Aisha Tyler also announced that she would host an after show called Prime Rewind: Inside the Boys. (Given the show’s nature, I’d rather not think of possible alternate meanings of that title) In it she would discuss the current episode and what it meant not only for the characters, but how it applies to the real world.

Look for the return of the capes on Amazon streaming starting September 4th.