Here we are folks! The last several issues of this DC Comic have all been a run up to this. The final five issues until we hit 100 for the Batman title. After all the ups and downs Batman ran over the last few issues the climactic pay off is at hand. At long last – The Joker War Begins!

Joker War Begins: Gauntlets Are Down

Things changed in Gotham. Instead of saying Commissioner Gordon as we have for years, it is now commissioner Bullock. That is right. Harvey Bullock now runs the GCPD. What about Wayne Enterprises? Oh yeah, Joker now runs Wayne Enterprises. Not only did he steal Bruce’s fortune, but all of his little toys too.

As with Bane, Joker figured out you do not beat Batman by going toe-to-toe. In order to beat the Dark Knight you have to run him through a gauntlet that exhausts him mentally and physically. Batman may not be sick as he was in Knightfall, but Joker is most definitely getting to him.

Joker War Begins: Time to Show Your Hand

Batman 95 opens with Alfred and Batman talking about all the people Joker killed recently. While the deaths may serve one point, Batman knows there is more to Jokers plans than what they see. The dialogue between Batman and Alfred is pure Bat-gold. It really bring out the detective side of Batman as he relays things to Alfred, but it also shows how Alfred and Batman are on the same page. Alfred may not know the details, but he is three steps ahead of Batman when it comes time to back him and his needs up.

Of course this issue we see more of Joker’s latest card – Punchline. Harley may be able to go toe-to toe with Batsy for awhile, but she never possessed the ruthlessness and cunning Punchline displays. When Punchline shows up, batman realizes a bit too late how behind the 8-ball he truly is.

Joker War Begins: A Priceless Look

The artwork for Batman looks good every time, but this time there is some signature work to be had. Start with the two covers. Both look incredible and really highlight the state of Gotham and the Bat-verse. The first cover shows the Bat-cave with a triumphant Joker who destroyed and graffitti’d everything. The Alt-cover shows Joker standing in a Maelstrom, armed to the teeth with the biggest grin you can imagine – even for him. The bat-shadow lurks in the background, but this is all Joker!

Inside the issue the excellence does not let up. The artwork and coloring look great as always, but when you hit pages 16 and 17 there are a couple gorgeous panels.What is Batman doing? Simply climbing a building, but the artistry and framing of the Batman look amazing and very trademark for the Dark Knight.

The Joker War Begins: Psst…its here!

Did you see it? hard not too as the action flows right to it, but there it is! Recently DC tweeted out a brand new batsuit design that will drop in issue #100. Well, they featured the first look at the suit in this issue. Just one problem. No one knows who designed it! Guess the mystery will have to wait a few more issues.

Enjoy Batman 95. Then hold on for the next issue Batman 96 – All These Wonderful Toys. (Issue 95 readers plus fans of the Keaton 89 movie just wet themselves!)