There are two things one can count on in the comic world. Every 50th and 100th issue will be a special build up, and Joker will always return. As Batman approaches issue 100, both are said to be true. The Joker War has been building to it’s climax in issue 100 for some time now. It promises to bring in Selina Kyle, ‘Rick’ Grayson and more, but the biggest surprise hit the web this week. Is The Batman to don a new suit?

Batman to Don New Suit: A Whole New Direction

For months now, DC has been maneuvering Batman and Co. into their final positions before unleashing The Joker War. As it approaches we have the benefit and curse of seeing previews of further issues. Since comic book companies are generally 4-5 issues ahead on their previews, we are now seeing teases of Batman #100. From the cover it looks as if Bruce will don a newly designed Batsuit for the first time in years….and here it is:

Armor and Ice?

This new design is a radical step in a new direction for Bruce and the Bat. It looks as if Batman will don an armored look for the arms and legs with the torso a dark armor. What truly stands out is the ice blue color that highlights the dark suit. Batman has done black and blue and grays, but they have always trended darker (save for the starting suits). This look pops more than you would think someone hiding on rooftops and in alleys would want.

Batman to Don New Suit: Not the First Wardrobe Change

This is far from the first time the Batsuit has undergone a major overhaul. In fact it was seen many changes over the years. Below is a sample of all the suits the dark knight donned over the decades, and if you go HERE you can see a video of all the suits. It runs over 8 minutes!

It wasn’t until the 80’s when Tim Burton and Michael Keaton came along that the Bat suit went from the lighter colors to the all black. The look was so popular, the comics followed suit at the end of the Knightfall/Knights End story line. Once that look faded, creators have largely played with the black and gray pallets. This latest suit launches a new direction and era…and begs a few questions as well.

Batman to Don New Suit: Foreshadowing Changes??

Such a radical change always comes with a change in the character as well, but what exactly does this mean? We know ‘Rick’ Grayson will be coming back, and his story will finally be resolved. (I can’t see him staying Rick forever) Selina came back to Gotham. She and Bruce need to resolve their issues whether it means coming together or agreeing to stay apart.

There are so many pokers in the fire, something has to give. Do we know if it is even Bruce Wayne in the suit? No matter the answer, expect a whole new era after Batman #100 and not just the suit.