Uncharted looks like it has finally started taking its first steps towards being an actual movie. At least, according to Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame, who will also star as a young Nathan Drake.

Tom Holland compared to little Nate from "Uncharted 3".
If he loses a little weight, he’ll be perfect for the role.

Sic Parvis Magna

Tom Holland made his debut when he showed up as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. He later earned his fame also playing Spider-Man in his own movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now it appears that Holland has gone and earned himself another juicy role. This time, he’ll play a young Nathan Drake in the movie adaptation of the hit video game series Uncharted. Better yet, Holland himself confirms that they’ve finally started filming for it.

Hmm, chair-y.

In a recent Instagram post, Tom Holland shows off his own personal chair from the set of Uncharted, in addition to the word “Nate” printed on it. “Nate” is Nathan Drake’s nickname from the Uncharted game, which fits Holland’s character. The font used is also interesting, giving the letters an intentionally worn look. Considering that young Nate grew up in a poor orphanage run by strict nuns, that worn look fits him to a T.

Littler Nate from "Uncharted 4".
Worn and torn clothes? Check. Run-down walls? Check. This is definitely an orphanage.

Based on the short reveals of the Uncharted movie’s plot, it appears that it will basically retell Nate’s origin story from the 3rd game: Drake’s Deception. There’s a brief sequence from that game where it revealed the first meeting between Nate and his mentor/best friend Victor “Sully” Sullivan, the latter of who will be played by Mark Wahlberg. Long story short, Nate steals something valuable from Sully’s bosses, Sully’s bosses decide to off Nate for it, and Sully decided “Nope!” and rescues the kid, thus beginning a lifelong friendship.

Mark Walhberg compared to a decidedly older Sully.
Eh, okay. I can see it. Just paste a fake mustache on him, and he’ll be good.

A Copy-Paste of Drake’s Deception?

A direct copy of the story of Drake’s Deception seems unlikely. Nate’s origin story directly ties in with the plot of the 3rd game, which would make the movie adaptation a bit too long and complicated. Will they modify the story so that the events of the 3rd game happens during Nate’s childhood? It’ll be interesting to see how a young Nate will deal with things like surviving a plane crash only to get stranded in the middle of the Arabian desert, all while searching for the lost city of Ubar.

"Uncharted 3: Oh My God, I'm Stuck in a Desert"
Probably not as cool given that this will be little Nate here, but still epic.

But that’s just speculation for now.


Uncharted is finally getting a movie, and the star of the recent Spider-Man movies will be starring as little Nate! Even better, Tom Holland himself has just let us know that filming has begun. I’m both hyped for this movie, while also a bit leery due to the sordid history of movie versions of video games. However, Sonic the Hedgehog proved that it is possible to make a pretty good video game adaptation movie. Hopefully, this Uncharted movie will see similar success. We’ll just have to see on October 8, 2021, when the movie will finally be released in theaters.

Source: Heroic Hollywood