Spoiler Alert! Details for MMPR #51 ahead!

Amidst the huge cliffhanger left from the last issue, this one starts off with a bang! Literally a freaking meteor hits the Earth containing none other than.


That’s right Ranger Nation: Lord Drakkon has returned to our Earth and as twisted as ever! After a long journey thru space and time, he lands on Earth. But… with a few quick Si-YAs he gets taken down. Drakkon then finds himself in prison under the command center. There’s some truly maniacal dialogue between Drakkon and Billy in MMPR #51 that will send shivers down your spine.

MMPR #51: Meanwhile on the Moon…

The Emporer of Evil himself Lord Zedd is back. This time he also sends a most disgusting monster known as the Psychoslug to attack the team. Following an excellent one-page morphing call, the mucusy monster is quickly dispatched but Zedd has other plans for the carcass. After siphoning off the excess energy from the Power Cannon to fuse together the Green Chaos Crystal thus making his Dark Rangers.

We’ve already seen the buzz around the Internet about these truly buffed out evil counterparts. However, they are asking for a leader since only Goldar, Squat, Baboo and even Finster were “Z-Morphed. In steps Rita…


THIS is a great issue to start the next arc in the Power Rangers story. The artwork in MMPR #51 as always is always spot on and the writing is perfect for each panel.

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