What do you get when you mix a Groundhog Day type plot, a desert in California, and Andy Samburg? Palm Springs on Hulu. 

From director Max Barbakow and Lonely Island Classics, Palm Springs is a Hulu original movie starring Andy Samburg and Cristin Milioti. The film follows Nyles (Samburg) and Sarah (Milioti), two guests of a wedding in Palm Springs, as they find themselves in an endless time-loop repeating the same day over and over. Nyles, who has been stuck in the time-loop for a long period of time, finds himself connecting with Sarah as she enters the time-loop. 

At first, Sarah is confused and angry with Nyles and attempts to find a way out. Trying everything she possibly can, she eventually comes to the realization that she is indefinitely stuck. Now, coming to terms with her current state, the two begin to have a bit of fun by flying planes, shooting guns, and tons of other mischief, and perhaps falling in love? During the constant resetting, Nyles and Sarah discover quite a bit about the other people involved in the wedding, and about themselves. 

Typical Time Loop Movie?

As far as time loop movies go, Palm Springs is somewhat cookie-cutter. However, Palm Springs comes at the genre with a fresh take with a bright and colorful attitude. With any movie playing with the concept of time, there will be the question of how it all works, and I feel like I don’t exactly understand how it works. But once you get over that and just enjoy the movie for what it is, Palm Springs is pretty great. 

There are a couple of fun cameos, with J.K. Simmons being an antagonist in the movie. Comedian and writer, Conner O’Malley is in this as well. And even though he doesn’t steal the movie or have any particularly memorable lines, I enjoyed seeing him get some screen time. If you have no idea who Conner O’Malley is, you are in for a treat. The best way I can describe him is an Energizer bunny striving to spread the gospel of big name brands and capitalism. Look up his “Outlet Mall Special Ops” video on YouTube. Classic. 

Samburg and Milioti Chemistry

But back to the movie. I enjoyed it more than I expected. I wouldn’t define myself as an Andy Samburg fan, but I respect his comedic styling. Hot Rod is a perfect movie. And I think the chemistry between him and Cristin Milioti feels genuine and are both comically compatible. Palm Springs has its funny moments, but nothing too over the top. 

Being that we are currently living in a time when our day-to-day lives feel repetitive as if we are stuck in a loop, Palm Springs comes at a perfect time. But I think the one thing I wanted more from the film was some actual Palm Springs references. There was no reference to Elvis, the aerial tramway, or the Ace Hotel. Definitely some missed opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Palm Springs is definitely worth a try. It’s an easy and feel-good watch. It’s not the greatest movie ever, but you will probably laugh a couple times. And I think that’s the least you can ask for during a time like we are living in. 

Have you watched Palm Springs? What did you think? Palm Springs is available to watch on Hulu. 

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