We’re Faster than you. Smarter than you. Stronger than you. But we’re evil.

Let’s Rocket! Hasbro revealed today they will be releasing a Power Rangers Lightning Collection Psycho Rangers 5-pack set. Started in 2019 the Lightning collection of Power Rangers figures has served as a continuation to the 2016-2019 Legacy collection. The release has been incredibly popular among collectors due to the high level of detail and accuracy of the characters they are based on.

Who Are The Psycho Rangers?

For those unfamiliar, the Psycho Rangers are a group of evil rangers from the sixth season of Power Rangers. Also known as Power Rangers in Space. The psycho rangers have long been loved by fans due to being the only set of evil rangers to not be a one-off gimmick.

Able to match the rangers both physically and mentally the Psycho Rangers nearly destroyed the rangers every time they fought. An entire arch was devoted to the Rangers coming up with ways to try and beat the Psychos.
They forced the Power Rangers to come up with new and clever tactics never seen on the show before. And showed the Rangers in a vulnerable position not often seen.

The Psycho Rangers were so loved that they were shoehorned into the next season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. A season that had no Sentai footage at all to draw from. Forcing the studio to spend time on American only footage. The Psycho Rangers’ greatest triumph is their killing of the Pink Galaxy Ranger. Marking the only time in Power Ranger history a ranger has ever been killed on screen.

What’s In The Box Man!?

The set will include Psycho Red, Psycho Blue, Psycho Black, Psycho Yellow, and Psycho Pink all in one pack. Each figure comes with their signature weapon, switchable hands, blasters, and lightning effects. The set can now be preordered on Amazon for $99.99. It is set to ship on August 1st.

I’ll take 20