After tackling Marvel, the Russo brothers want to make a Star Wars film.

Joe and Anthony Russo most recently directed Avengers: Endgame. The huge blockbuster marked the end of an era for Marvel films, with several characters making their final appearances.

During quarantine, the filmmakers have been participating in an online series called Russo Brothers Pizza Film School. In which they discuss movies with their favorite actors and creators. Star Wars icon Mark Hamill recently joined the discussion.

While discussing The Empire Strikes Back, the Russos revealed the original Star Wars trilogy influenced their work on the last two Avengers films. The duo previously expressed interest in making a Star Wars movie. However, they would like to create something original within the universe (like The Mandalorian) rather than continue the Skywalker Saga.

“I mean, I love the sandbox that [Jon] Favreau is playing in right now, and the timeframe that he’s exploring in the Star Wars universe,” Joe Russo said. “Obviously it was hugely important to us as kids and hugely important to our desire to become filmmakers… I think a lot of the stories have been told that started with the original universe. I’d be interested in seeing completely new directions in the story and maybe new characters in a completely different time period.”

The Russos have been developing other projects under their AGBO Films banner. Maybe we’ll see a Star Wars project in their future.

How Comics Influenced The Russo’s Work

Having previously worked on other Marvel films (The Winter Soldier, Civil War), the Russos are no strangers to comic book adaptations. They said that having the original comics was nice, but not a binding piece to their narrative.

“Comic books are inherently serialized, right? They’re traditionally cliffhangers at the end of every book to get to the next book,” Joe Russo explained. “That structure isn’t always appropriate for a close ended movie. Even when Marvel is serialized, you’re still trying to tell a complete story in that particular film.”

Still, there was one major exception to that rule.

“The one place where it was certainly applicable was Infinity War, which ended like any big event comic would, with a giant cliffhanger ending.”

What do you think? Would you watch a Star Wars project from the Russos? (Some fans weren’t too happy with Avengers: Endgame.)

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Source: ComicBook