The sequel to the cult classic Half Baked is slowly becoming a reality. 

This week, Half Baked 2 was among one of the dozens of film projects to receive a cut of a $40 million in tax credit from the California Film Commission. 

No Dave Chappelle?

In an Instagram post late last year, actor and comedian Justin Hires confirmed he was working on the script for Half Baked 2. Fans of the original movie expressed their excitement in the comments. Unfortunately, the sequel will not star Dave Chappelle. 

Without Chappelle, it is uncertain if the sequel will be able to live up the original’s standards. In an interview with James Lipton, Chappelle commented on the original film saying, “Half Baked didn’t come out the way I wanted it to come out. I was real upset about that, cause it was a real cool script.” Chappelle’s absence is a big blow to the prospects for the sequel.

Just Another Hollywood Reboot

As Hollywood continues to hash out remakes and reboots, a movie like Half Baked 2 is bound to happen. Half Baked is a classic comedy, and any fans of the original are likely to see the next installment. One can only hope Justin Hines is able to carry the story forward in a thoughtful and entertaining way. And not in a bland and “half baked” way. 

The sequel reportedly will follow the life of Thurgood Jenkins’ (Dave Chappelle) son. No one has been cast as Jenkins’ son as of right now. The movie is in it’s infancy. So we don’t know if any of the original cast is returning.

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Source: JoBlo