Gigawatt the delorean.
gigawatt the delorean

It is now official! While the news leaked awhile back….wait, hang on……ok nevermind. We found out the next crossover for Transformers would be the Delorean from Back to the Future. Today it is not only official but….wait. Wait a moment….nevermind. No only do we know he goes by the name Gigawatt, but he’s back from the future starting TODAY!

Gigawatt the Delorean: MOVE FAST!

That’s right. Starting today, Gigawatt will be available…..wait. damn. Nevermind. You know the difficulty of constantly refreshing a page waiting for a limited edition model to post online at That’s right. Any time now a limited model of Gigawatt will be posted on This model will be limited to 1,985 pieces. If you want to join the refresh war, go HERE.

The link does not work yet, but Mashable says it will once he is available, which could be now or 1955. If your flux capacitor sends you to the wrong time and you miss out, a different model of Gigawatt will hit and select retail outlets on the first of October.

Gigawatt the Delorean: Any Time. Any Comic Shop

Gigawatt the delorian in comics
Gigawatt the delorean comes to comics

No not only can Transformer and Back to the Future fans grab this new crossover transformer, but you can expect Gigawatt to appear in your local comic book shop. A crossover comic is in the works over at IDW Publishing. It will be a four issue crossover, but so far that is all that is known.

It should be interesting to see how Gigawatt interacts with the other transformers. He is the second or third crossover of recent years. We Just had Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. Gigawatt becomes the second official crossover transformer, but rumors persist that a crossover transformer named Maverick lies ahead that ties into and will be released with Top Gun 2. Here are some pics of the fig:

Gigawatt the Delorean: Just Keep Clicking. Just Keep Clicking.

So far the Wal-Mart page has yet to successfully refresh for me but keep trying for the exclusive Gigawatt. Otherwise October 1 will be you release date.