With the upcoming threequel for Bill and Ted, Boom! Studios have launched a most excellent edition to make as an addition to your righteous reading repertoire!

Comic Archive?! What’s That?!

This amazing softcover is a chronicle of the Excellent Esiner Award nominated Evan Dorkin’s eleven issue comic book run of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Comic Book. It also includes the comic version of Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. Did we mention they are completely remastered?! Check out a few pages below!

Party On And On And ON With Extras And Bill and Ted!

Bill and Ted

This isn’t just an awesome jump thru a phone booth outside the Circle K. You’ll get to experience the comic like never before. With all-new bonus features, including original artwork, art commissions, alternate versions of previously published artwork, and behind-the-scenes process pieces from Evan Dorkin. 

Having thumbed thru its pages I can tell you without a doubt that it’s awesome. If you are a Wyld Stallyns fan then you need this on your bookshelf! The bonuses are a nice touch. It’s a super nice package overall.

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It’s a super exciting piece of comic history. You’re definitely going to want to get this. No matter how big your fandom is, it’ll be an excellent addition.

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