I always loved Jim Henson’s The Storyteller. It was such a powerful way to tell amazing stories that often carried a great deal of meaning, and at the same time showcased the Henson Puppet line. The stories continue in these comics as this week we get Storyteller #3: Ghosts from BOOM! Studios.

Storyteller: Ghosts – Simple Yet Foreboding

The comics lack the unique feel of the old television show, as well as the mysticism of Jon Hurt’s voice, yet it starts with the same Storyteller and his dog. Here is the Synopsis from BOOM! Studios:

Michael Walsh (Black Hammer/Justice League) presents a classic Irish myth through a new lens as a young boy stumbles across a banshee in the woods. Legend says that if she sees you, you will be marked for death, but if you can capture her, you will receive a wish. The young boy is about to learn to be careful what you wish for. 

BOOM! Studios

The story is a very quick read, and in fact I read it so fast I missed the details. Slow down and enjoy what this story is. It reads so simple yet there is so much meaning in its pages. A little boy must learn the pains not only of wish casting but facing death as well. The more you think on this issue the deeper it goes, and that is the sign of true storytelling.

Storyteller: Ghosts – Simple Yet Dark

This comic has a nice simple, straight forward design. The artwork is solid, but it does not over do it. It puts the details where it needs it and trusts us for the rest.

The story remains simple enough any child could pick this comic up, but when the banshee (or Bean Sidhe here) surfaces, they do not hold back on the hideousness of its design. Makes me wonder how powerful this issue would be if it were a series.

I miss the Henson puppetry, but since we can’t have that, at least we can keep the storytelling going. This is a nice little comic to pick up, read, and spend the rest of the day making i personal and think – what would you do?