Well like we said yesterday we were expecting more SDCC exclusive Funko reveals today, and guess what they didn’t disappoint. From The Office to the Masters of the Universe, Funko added more fan favorite exclusives to the already exciting SDCC lineup. So I’m sure you are tired of reading this opening paragraph so here are the day two reveals.

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SDCC Day Two Exclusive Funko Reveals

Pop! Star Wars

The Rise of Skywalker – Sith Jet Trooper

Funko Star Wars

Pop! Sanrio

Hello Kitty/Kaiju Collab – HK Robot

Hello Kitty

Pop! TV

TMNT – Michelangelo With Surfboard


Masters of the Universe Pop! and Vinyl Soda


The Office – Recyclops

Funko The Office

Pop! Heroes

DC Super Heroes

DC Funko

Batman & Robin – Mr Freeze (Glitter)


Pop! Disney

Pixar – Alien as Kevin


Nightmare Before Christmas – Clown with Tearaway Face

Funko NBC

Emperor’s New Grove – Yzma as Cat – Funko Soda

Pop! Animation

Samurai Jack

Funko Samurai Jack

Invader Zim – Zim Holding Minimoose

Funko Invader Zim

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So what are your thoughts on today’s Funko SDCC exclusives? Do you think we will get more reveals tomorrow? What has been your favorite so far? Also, with more SDCC toy announcements coming, what other SDCC Items are you hoping to be announced? Well That Hashtag Show wants to hear from you.

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