Mooby’s Pop Up front door at 7100 Santa Monica, Blvd.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Around the corner from the West Hollywood Gateway Mall you’ll find the center of LA’s silly-themed-Pop-Up scene. What has formerly been a Good Burger and The Max from Saved By The Bell, has now become Mooby’s.

If you’re unfamiliar, Mooby’s is a fast food chain from Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse films. It first appeared in 1999’s Dogma, and became a staple of the series . It featured as the primary location of the movie Clerks II.

Side note: if you are unfamiliar with the Clerks series of films, the rest of this article will make absolutely no sense to you.

Some of the Askewniverse facades, perfect for the ‘Gram!

But, if you’re a Kevin Smith fan, this place has everything! Not only do you get a full-on Mooby’s restaurant, you also get plenty of Instagrammable photo-ops. The front of the Quick Stop and RTS Video from Clerks, the Fashionable Male storefront from Mallrats, even a giant poster for the Bluntman & Chronic reboot from Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

“We’ve made a Kevin Smith playground here.” Says Derek Berry, Operating-Partner of the Pop Up.

Mooby’s Pop Up interior, Hollywood, CA

A $30 per person reservation gets you in the door (parties up to four), a Mooby Meal (one per person), and you can take as many pictures as you like.

“So, people come in. They pick up their meal, which we think is safest right now, rather than dine-in.” Continues Berry. “They walk through and they can take as many photos as they want. Then they can eat on our patio, or they can take it home to-go!”

So, What About The Food?

Pics for the ‘Gram are great, but I know what you’re thinking. If I’m going to pay $30, the food better be worth it. In short, it is.

Mooby’s food, created by Chef Royce Burke, packaged in your very own purple Mooby’s box!

“We work with Chef Royce Burke of Secret Lasagna.” Berry continued. “Him, myself and Kevin [Smith] collaborated on the menu.”

With delicacies such as the Cow-Tipper (a three-patty cheeseburger available with beef or Beyond Meat) and the Cocksmoker (a flavorful fried chicken sandwich) it’s hard to go wrong ordering one of Burke’s creations. Side options are Hater Totz and Onion Rings to Rule Them All. Wash it all down with a bottle of Mooby-themed beer, or a Mooby cocktail. (Non-alcoholic drinks are also available in Mooby’s cups). If you need something sweet, you can polish it all off with a Cow Pie Brownie, or a bag of Chocolate Covered Pretzels (available in traditional and Vegan). And damn, are they exquisite!

Is There Dope Merch?

I’m not even supposed to be here today! Wait, yes I am!

Yes! From hats to t-shirts to Blu-Rays to Mooby’s uniforms and even face-masks, you can get almost anything Askewnivers at the Mooby’s Pop Up. Pre-order your merch from the website to have it packaged and ready to go when you get there!

In short, we’ve all been cooped up for months. If you can afford it, a safe and socially distanced visit to the Mooby’s Pop Up is well worth it. Even with the $30 price-tag. If you’re a fan, it’s a really fun visit, and I’m definitely planning on going again!

Checkout @moobyspopup on Instagram and their website for reservations and more info.