Jurassic World 3 director Colin Trevorrow’s next project takes him from dinosaurs to the lost city of Atlantis.

The upcoming film Atlantis is based on a story by Trevorrow. Dante Harper (Alien: Covenant) will pen the final script.

Trevorrow’s mythical kingdom Atlantis will take place somewhere under the Indian Ocean, between India, Oceania, and the eastern coast of Africa. The film promises a unique “multicultural civilization with its own advanced technology”. The description is already drawing comparisons to Wakanda from Black Panther.

Trevorrow on the set of Jurassic World with star Chris Pratt.
Colin Trevorrow on the set of Jurassic World with star Chris Pratt.

Trevorrow first began work on the project back in late 2018. He kept the details under wraps while his creative team worked to build the world. Production designer Kevin Jenkins (Star Wars: Episode IXJurassic World: Dominion) assisted in developing the vision of Atlantis prior to the film’s scripting.

Many other projects have involved the lost city of Atlantis. The city most recently appeared in the DCEU film Aquaman starring Jason Momoa. Disney created an animated version of the myth in 2001 with Atlantis: The Lost Empire. The city also served as the backdrop for sci-fi TV series Stargate: Atlantis.

What Are Trevorrow’s Other Projects?

Trevorrow first gained attention with the indie flick Safety Not Guaranteed. After that, he broke into blockbusters with the first Jurassic World film in 2015. The reboot grossed $1.67 billion worldwide. Jurassic World’s massive success led to an attachment with the Star Wars franchise. Unfortunately, Trevorrow’s attachment was short lived. Following this, he was dropped after his 2017 project The Book of Henry flopped with critics and audiences alike.

Trevorrow’s upcoming project, Jurassic World: Dominion, recently announced its return to production. Production on the third film in the rebooted franchise stopped due to COVID-19 restrictions, but resumes filming on July 6.

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Source: ScreenRant