Kurt Wimmer’s Children of the Corn adaptation just wrapped shooting – and did it entirely under quarantine.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down film and television production all around the world. Cast and crew, like the rest of us, practice social distancing to contain the spread of the virus. So how did Wimmer finish filming Children of the Corn?

New Times, New Rules

Children of the Corn was shot in Australia, where producer Lucas Foster (Ford v Ferrari) worked closely with local agencies to create a safe filming environment. Local governing body Screen NSW, which supports Australian art projects in New South Wales, assisted with developing guidelines. Film stunt and safety consultant Jon Heaney became the first COVID-19 on-set safety coordinator. Heaney helped develop a revised shooting schedule that considered the current health concerns.

The cast and crew of Children of the Corn, all wearing face masks, stand in a field with arms outstretched to demonstrate social distancing.
Children of the Corn cast and crew

Specific details about the precautions have not been released. However, producers say cast and crew participated in a shared quarantine to monitor their health.

Furthermore, the film gained an advantage through its status as an indie production. The low-budget status of Children of the Corn allowed the filmmakers to follow government safety restrictions for workplaces instead of participating in the studio-regulated shutdown of bigger productions. It’s a loophole future productions may attempt to use as the entertainment industry struggles to adapt to quarantine procedures.

What Else Do We Know About Children of the Corn?

Children of the Corn remains one of Stephen King’s most adapted properties. (The original franchise includes no less than ten films.) Wimmer’s upcoming adaptation marks the second time the book has been adapted to film since the epic franchise. Syfy channel released a made-for-television movie back in 2009.

Wimmer himself has not directed a film since 2006’s Ultraviolet. However, he has been an active screenwriter throughout the last decade, responsible for 2012’s Total Recall as well as the Angelina Jolie thriller Salt.

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Source: ScreenRant