Spotify and Warner Bros. have struck a deal to create original scripted fiction podcasts based on DC properties and characters.

DC’s Multi-Media Presence

DC prides itself on having a thriving multimedia presence. Films both theatrically released and direct to video, TV series and streaming, comics, books, and video games of all sorts. DC, and its parent company Warner Bros., are known for experimenting and expanding. Taking it vast library of characters and bringing them into new forms of media. Now Warner has decided to bring DC’s library to the medium of podcasts.

The DC/Spotify Deal

According to Deadline Hollywood Warner Bros. and Spotify have signed a deal to develop original podcasts for Spotify. Specifically scripted narrative driven podcasts based on the world and characters of DC comics. No shows are announced as of yet, as the deal has only just been inked, but it sounds as if numerous series are in at least in early development. This is the 2nd podcast deal that Warner Bros. has struck in the last few months. After signing a development deal with Rainy Day Podcasts earlier this year.

DC Podcasts

While it is tempting for bigger companies to act like podcasts are a brand new medium they have been around in numerous forms for over a decade. And not interview either, narrative podcasts are a booming thriving industry. The Maximum Fun Network is home to shows like The Adventure Zone, Alice Isn’t Dead and Adventures in New America. In addition to those grassroots podcast companies many bigger studios have entered the arena before. Marvel already has a series about the adventures of Wolverine, known as The Lost Trail. It’ll be interesting to see what series DC and Spotify develop and about which characters.