When HBOMax advertised their launch, not only did it have the impressive HBO Library, but it also merged with DC and carried a large volume of their content. Well now DC and HBOMax merge once more, but this time in the form of a comic book!

DC and HBOMax Merge: Life and Art Merge Into One

Covers of To the Max
It Begins with a dog named Max

The two companies recently launched there title called To the Max. Now obviously HBOMax self advertises every chance it gets. TVs have HBOMax on their screens. Every time the word ‘Max’ appears, its in bold caps, so this is just a marketing stunt right? It can’t be any good can it? Actually it can and is!

The artwork looks quite good. It stands with modern DC quality and is rich in color and detail. Of course one would not expect something coming from DC Comics to be done cheaply. Visually the comic is outstanding, but what could HBO and DC collaborate on story-wise?

DC and HBOMax Merge: An Unique and Inventive Story

The two companies actually come up with a very unique story for this new comic. Three common, random, every day people meet up with a white dog named Max (duh). Their names are Hector, Brian and Olivia (like i said, HBO easter eggs are everywhere) When they turn their back the dog vanishes, but leaves behind a relic of some sort. The device then envelopes the person in a white and purple super suit, giving the individual super powers – with a catch. Only one power may be active at a time.

The person then proceeds to do some random, heroic act with the suit. The comic hints at several of these superheroes being spotted all over the world. In fact the first three issues are now online and show three different people and their encounters with Max. It feels like these different heroes are meant to come together at some point and become a team or something, but that will have to wait. Here are the summaries for the three issues:

To The Max: HectorWhen a schoolteacher finds a mysterious device, it sends him flying into an incredible outer-space rescue mission. Cover art by Jim Lee, penciled by Scot Eaton, and written by Ivan Cohen.

To The Max: Brian – A scuba instructor is transformed into a superhero who must save innocent people from a deadly storm in Singapore. Cover art by Jorge Jimenez, penciled by Hendry Prasetya, and written by Ivan Cohen.

To The Max: Olivia – A down-on-her-luck standup comic is all that stands between her audience and gun-toting criminals who plan to rob a Las Vegas casino. Cover art by Amanda Conner, penciled by Laura Braga and written by Ivan Cohen.

DC and HBOMax Merge: The Final Word

The first three comics are already posted. They are fast, fun little reads. They only run 8 pages long and are straight to the point. Give it it a shot and see what you think. To the Max can be found for free with participating digital retailers, including DC UNIVERSE, DCComics.com, Apple iBookstore, Google Play Store, Kindle, Nook, Hoopla, Overdrive, and in the DC Comics app, ComiXology app and Madefire app for iOS and Android.