Ryan Wilder

Ryan Wilder is a brand new character written for the CW‘s Batwoman. According to an insider source on the set, Ryan Wilder will in fact take up the mantle of Batwoman. Here’s exactly how her first time goes.

Ryan Wilder’s First Time In The Batwoman Suit

EXT. Gotham City Plaza – NIGHT

The pro-Batwoman rally has grown in size, BAT-FANS chanting:


EXT. Gotham City Plaza – Rooftop – Night

WHOOMP! Batwoman touches down on a rooftop, going for that pro landing…

…and BITES IT. Tripping, barely catching herself. Whoops.

Batwoman: Nobody saw that.

INT. Batcave – NIGHT

Luke and Mary follow along via video and comms.

Luke: Uh, yeah, you’ll wanna use the cape to slow your descent.

ON THE ROOFTOP: Batwoman climbs onto the ledge.

Batwoman (COMMS): Copy that.

Mary (COMMS): Okay, good. Now look heroic.

Batwoman (COMMS): Huh?

Mary (COMMS): Like, you know, the embodiment of courage, hope, and justice.

Batwoman (COMMS): Just to be clear, I am zero percent any of those things —


Batwoman musters her best hero pose, hands on hips.

Batwoman (COMMS): How’s — how’s this?

Mary (COMMS): Now straighten the back. Lose the hands on the hips. Overkill. Clench the fists. Chi up. Angle your cape so it catches some wind.

Batwoman does all those things. And just like that —

Batwoman (COMMS): Good?

Ryan Wilder’s First Look As Batwoman

The Scene Gets Crazier, But It’s A Start

It looks like the show and the CW are going to take the route of comedy for the introduction of Ryan Wilder as the new Batwoman. If the death of Kate Kane is glossed over, then this might be a strange way to deal with the loss of that character. Either way, the scene gets stranger when Ryan Wilder is dealt her first problem as Batwoman.

New Batwoman’s First Test

Bat fan: THERE SHE IS!

The fans go bat-sh*t crazy upon seeing her atop the building

Batwoman (COMMS): Citizens of Gotham. You need to get out of here immediately.

But the crowd only CHEERS LOUDER for their hero. She shouts.


Luke (COMMS): Annnnnnd Batwoman’s first public F-bomb.

Suddenly, an EXPLOSION plumes in the distance.

Batwoman (COMMS): Holy sh*t. You see that?

Luke (COMMS): Blast reported outside of Robbins Tower. You need to get there. It’s 2.5 kilometers from you position.

Batwoman: Metric? Really?

Luke & Mary: GO!

Ryan Wilder’s First Test

This final scene shows off the tone for the new Batwoman and Ryan Wilder’s character. She’s out of her element. It’s an interesting take on the new character. We don’t know exactly what her first test is going to be. But once we have news on the upcoming season of Batwoman, we’ll be the first to have the details.

What do you think of this new Batwoman? We don’t have any casting news for who is going to play Ryan Wilder, but there are obviously people who are campaigning for the role. WWE Superstar Sonya Deville is among them. She seems like a perfect logical choice after Ruby Rose, but we’ll have to find that out when the news comes out.

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