John Stewart. Green Lantern of sector 2814

Actor Micheal Jai White is no stranger to the realm of comic book movies. The 52-year-old actor first entered the comic book movie world when he played Al Simons in the 1997 live-action Spawn movie. He then later went on to make several appearances as Bronze Tiger in the long-running Arrow tv show. How Mr. White has announced he would love to play well known Green Lantern character, John Stewart. Responding to questions from fan White said:

“So, I was asked what character would I like to play from the Marvel or DC universe and that answer would have to be from the DC universe, a character called John Stewart because that’s what everybody wants me to play. So, can’t let down the fans.”

This is not the first time White has expressed interest in the character. Last year he took to Instagram to post a piece of fan art of John Stewart and express his desire to play the character.
Michelle Jai White Instagram post. John Stewart and Vixen. October 14, 2019

Audition for Green Lantern Movie and TV?

The timing of this new statement however is what is really interesting. Last year director JJ Abrams was signed to Warner Bros to direct a Superman and Green Lantern movie. Right now little is known about the Green Lantern reboot movie. However, it was reported only a month ago that Geoff John’s is currently developing a live-action Green Lantern tv show. Currently, there is no known information on if the main character will be John Stewart, Hal Jordan, or another Green Lantern.

Could White’s post be intended as a shout-out to both Abrams and Geoff John’s about his interest? A way to show his interest in being cast in the upcoming movie and tv show? It would not be the first time an actor has used social media to campaign for a role. It’s certainly a long shot, but perhaps this will lead to White being brought on as a reoccurring character like in Arrow.