You can see the injustice and unrest going on outside right now. That Hashtag Show, the rest of their social media, and other shows are going dark for the rest of the day. We stand with the oppressed and demonized. So for Blackout Tuesday, we’ll leave you with time to repair, refresh, and reflect on the situations going on around all of us.

We hope that all of our employees and readers can take this time to look into themselves and possibly improve their own communities. That Hashtag Show and all of their writers, editors, and other personnel recognize that Black Lives Matter. In the grand scheme of things, another article about Star Wars, Marvel, or any other general pop culture would seem silly and trivial right now. That’s mainly because it would be. There are more important things afoot, so take this time to learn and teach others about tolerance, inclusiveness, and other important principles.

We have a platform that we’d like to use to espouse these beliefs. We hope that you all can spread the knowledge and ideals of a better world. Black Lives Matter. Inclusion, justice, and diversity are major tenets that some in this world might have forgotten.

Reach out to your local community members, activists, or just friends during this time. It’s a time of change and social revolution. Stay safe, stay knowledgeable, and keep your eyes open. Equality is for all. Unite for a better tomorrow for all of us.

We’ll be back with your favorite articles and writers tomorrow. Thank you.

Where You Can Donate

Black Lives Matter

Minnesota Freedom Fund

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Reach Out Project

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust