Whether it be in or out of the ring, D-Von Dudley is always creating. Being half of one of the greatest tag team of all time alongside Bubba Ray, the tandem created a Hall of Fame career.

They created and mastered one of the best tag team finishers of all time: The Dudley Death Drop (better known as The 3D). These days, D-Von is creating more greatness with WWE. He’s been producing matches for the Smackdown brand, mainly on the tag team side of things.

D-Von Dudley and Apollo Crews
The New Dudley Boyz?

During an interview conducted earlier this year at LAX Fan Fest, D-Von told the THS Wrestling crew about an idea that got “swept under the table”. He and new United States Champion Apollo Crews had pitched the idea of becoming The New Dudley Boyz. He went on to explain that he wanted to do for Apollo what Farooq had done for Bradshaw. He also speaks about some other pitches he has had, fans having patients, and what he’s excited for in the future of tag team wrestling.