Story Synopsis: Heart In a Box

Emma Elliot made a decision in a moment of great pain and heartache.  She wished her heart away and now she has to collect the pieces of her heart in this week’s Comic Rewind, Heart In a Box.

Emma has just gone through a really bad breakup.  She didn’t want to get out of bed and didn’t see the point of ever trying to live her life again.  However, she was in luck because her gay bestfriend/roommate wasn’t going to just let her wallow in misery.

The pair went out to a club to try to get Emma to forget about that big big jerk of an ex-boyfriend.  However, the club reminded her of memories that Emma and her ex shared and it was too overwhelming.  She needed to step outside and get some fresh air.  While outside she said “I wish I just didn’t have a goddamn heart” and then a mysterious stranger, Bob, showed up.

Heart In A Box

A Deal With The Devil Bob

He offered her a deal.  If she gave him her heart she wouldn’t have to feel this pain ever again.  Emma agreed and she had a huge weight lifted off her shoulders.  However, as time went on she realized that not having a heart took away the pain, but it also took away the happiness of life.

Emma called the number on Bob’s business card and Bob told her the only way she could get her heart back.  She must hunt down the pieces of her heart and put them in a box.  If she closed her eyes she could feel where they were.  However, the catch was she could take the piece of her heart back by killing the person or having them willingly give it back.  Emma had a long journey ahead of her and things get more complicated every step of the way.

Heart In a Box was written by Kelly Thompson with art by Meredith McClaren.  Dark Horse published the volume in 2015.

Putting Your Heart In A Box May Seem Like A Good Idea

I was looking for something a little different than what I’ve been reading lately.  This filled that hole perfectly.

Everyone knows what it is like to go through heartbreak of some kind and just wanting the pain to go away.  Wishing away the pain wouldn’t seem like the worst option.  

I Want To See The Distribution Side Of Things

The concept of having the pieces of the heart distributed throughout the country is a cool idea.  However, I would have liked to see how that side of it worked.  I wanted to know why these particular people or cat got the piece of the heart and does each piece represent a didn’t thing?

Having to remove the pieces was interesting as well.  It brought up the dilemma of what happiness is worth.  Is Emma’s happiness more important than the other person’s? Once the piece is removed they will be really depressed for a while.

 Heart In A Box

The Metaphors Add So Much

As Emma recollects the pieces of her heart she starts to get over her heartbreak both because she is regaining her heart and because she is forced to deal with her feelings.  The whole comic is full of metaphors and I loved it.

My only problem was I wanted Emma’s journey to be a little longer.  I would have loved to see her process a little better and having her become “whole” be more gradual.  The distribution side of the pieces of the heart side would have been cool too, but I guess that defeats the metaphor.

This is a great little comic and I suggest people take a little bit of time to read it.  I promise you won’t regret it.



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