OK The Black Series collectors get ready. It looks like we are going to be getting some new figures and new packaging for this next wave. Now none of this has been confirmed Hasbro, but these pictures taken from a web-page have been spreading through the collectors pages very quickly. Below is a post from a well known collector’s page Yak Face. This Instagram post shows Star Wars: Rebels Zeb in new packaging. Also below is the leaked [NOW OFFICIAL] pictures of some more of the new The Black Series figures that could possibly be available to pre-order today from Hasbro. These pictures do match up with earlier rumors of what figures will be in this wave.


Update: The Black Series Figures Are Legit

The five figures pictured below are apart of the new wave for Black Series figures. The Zeb figure is rumored to be an exclusive to Gamestop. The figures are available on Amazon Canada right now and for other territories, we’re not entirely sure yet. Because of this, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled on Hasbro’s site. They are available for pre-order though. If it is true that the Zeb is going to be exclusive to Gamestop, that’s a big time exclusive. That’s the one out of the bunch that I would probably want the most.

When we have more information for you, we’ll keep this story updated. For now, it’s incredibly exciting to see these new figures. So, what do you think of them? Are these going to fit right in with the other Black Series figures you might buy? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

Black Series
Black Series