Sure, all the Power Rangers talk lately has been on the Dino Fury series coming in 2021. However… Now That Hashtag Show can provide you greater detail about what’s coming!  As you may have seen, the show is currently in casting sides. Sources close to the production have given us some interesting information about new characters and sub-plots for the upcoming season, as well as some EXCLUSIVE information about the team!

Power Rangers Dino Fury

The new season looks to ramp up the comedy with the introduction of a character duo. Joining the Power Rangers cast of characters are Jean and Zorb, whom the studio description suggests will mostly provide comic relief:

Jean (30-40) is a zealous entrepreneur who is presenting her new product in an infomercial with the help of an emotionless alien (18-35). They are always getting into comedic situations, resulting in over-the-top slapstick. Great timing, improve, & physical comedy abilities are important.

Exclusive new Power Rangers plot info!

In addition to the new comedic additions, it looks like things will heat up between a couple of Power Rangers in the new season. We’ve learned exclusively that the characters of Kyle and Alice, it seems, have a desire to be more than just teammates. “They’re both heroes with huge crushes on each other – which until now they’ve kept to themselves….”

Power Rangers Dino Fury

Will the Power Rangers Cadet Code of Conduct keep them apart? The title of the scripted scene seems to suggest so: “Date Denied.” I guess we’ll just have to wait until the episode airs to find out!

Power Rangers Season 28 is slated to arrive in early 2021. Stay tuned here to That Hashtag Show for all your Rangers news as it happens! To view past Power Rangers stories, please visit our archive HERE. Questions or comments? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!