Justice League director Zack Snyder announced on Monday that he will be throwing a watch party of the movie Man of Steel. It seems like this might be when the now rather well-known “Snyder Cut” of Justice League is officially declared. That’s according to Comic Book. Vague suggestions from folks who may have knowledge of it seemingly offer as much. The same goes for a lack of replies from folks who would seem to have knowledge.

A claim came to light that Snyder showed his Snyder Cut for DC executives, according to CBR.com, at Warner Bros.

At that time, talks happened about completing the project. However, it doesn’t appear that Warner Bros. wants to return it to any type of production.

“However, this does not mean Snyder’s cut of the film which has already been shot can’t be finished and released,” Comic Book’s Brandon Davis wrote.

As the tale goes, Snyder’s version of the movie never came out after Joss Whedon took the reins three years ago of the film.

A lot of Snyder’s vision had been filmed, but the film’s visual effects were not done to theatrical standards.

HBO Max is coming nonetheless. It is routinely getting nagged by enthusiasts who want to view Justice League as it was initially planned.

Warner Bros. is striving to start its streaming service with well-known films, shows and more.

Warner Bros. will put out a promotion for content on the service. Then it will see “#ReleaseTheSnyderCut” or other responses regarding Justice League in the comment sections.

“Not only does the streaming service need content but it could also benefit from being freed from this Snyder army constantly popping up,” Davis wrote.

Screen Rant’s Stephen M. Colbert wrote that “The Snyder Cut could be HBO Max’s Mandalorian,” the popular Star Wars show on Disney+. HBO Max still doesn’t have a show like Disney+ has in The Mandalorian — something to keep people talking from one week to the next. The Snyder Cut could be the answer for HBO Max, Colbert wrote.

Source: Comic Book